Make the invisible visible

Make the Invisible Visible

Tetrad Sensor Network Solutions, LLC is committed to developing air quality sensor technology that will improve the world’s atmosphere and the lives of those battling chronic illness. With the first intended application as a micro-climate sensing network, the platform technology is ultimately designed to be customized to targeted pollutants for a variety of conditions. Tetrad’s low cost IoT platform offers the possibility to collect more spacial and temporal data across the world.



Our AirU platform is a novel, flexible air-quality measurement system. It can be used for indoor or outdoor monitoring in personal and industrial applications. Its current design measures particulate matter (1μm, 2.5μm and 10μm), oxidizing and reducing species, temperature, humidity and location. It transmits this data to the cloud through a Wi-Fi connection, and stores up to 1 year of data onboard.


PM2.5 (μg/m3) color scale
-350 -250

Customize our technology

Customize our technology

We work directly with clients to develop custom networked sensing solutions to meet their needs. Specifically, we work with clients to develop or assist in the development of sensitive and specific sensors for a variety of target air pollutants; evaluate and calibrate commercially available sensing technologies; integrate sensors and desired communication mechanisms into a custom networked sensor package, and develop firmware that integrates directly with a clients data infractructure.

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The AirU is an electronic system that includes sensors for particulate matter (PM2.5), oxidizing/reducing gas species, temperature, and relative humidity, as well as an embedded microcontroller with an internet stack and associated peripheral components.


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AirU kit